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Moderator Applications 1 week agoView comments...

Hi All,

So I wanted to put out that staff applications are now up. Myself and a staff manager are going to be working through these and will be looking for the best applicants. Some important points need to be addressed though.
- Do NOT ask anyone on the server about your application.
- Fill in your application to as much detail as possible.
- You must be at least 14 or over to apply & have a working microphone.


Good luck!
- Amico, Lead Developer/Admin

Release! 2 weeks agoView comments...

Hey Folks,

So we have completed 2 gamemodes fully, and I am finishing one off today. Nick (Nachos) is still working on SpeedScape which is our most complex gamemode! We are ready to release when Tony is ready. If you have ANYTHING which you want to see in the new server (including things from the old server), then please comment them down below!

- Amico, Lead Developer & rest of CubeScape dev team

An Update on SG 3 weeks agoView comments...

Hey Folks, Amico here with an update on SG.

I am just rounding off the edges on SG right now! Please feel free to suggest features below <3